Welcome to Searcy Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center

Here at Searcy Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center we are proud to offer comprehensive vision care for Searcy, AR. If you are searching for a Searcy eye doctor or vision care provider let us help. We offer an all-in-one approach to eye care that makes it easy for you to take care of your vision health. 

What Searcy Optometry Services are Available at Searcy Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center?

We provide all-inclusive Searcy optometry services for our patients. Your eye doctor will begin with a complete eye exam to test your vision and eye health. Depending on your eye care needs, we also offer contact lenses and glasses for corrective vision. If you are concerned with medical eye health we provide glaucoma testing, as well. For individuals who need eye surgery we offer pre- and post-op services here at Searcy Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center.

Does Our Optometrist in Searcy Provide LASIK Eye Surgery Co-Management?

Yes, we do provide LASIK eye surgery co-management for our patients. Our optometrist in Searcy offers a comprehensive eye exam to diagnose your need for LASIK surgery. After your eye surgery is complete we can provide you with post-operative care and eye treatments. This allows you to use our convenient Searcy optometrist services for your vision care.

Is Vision Therapy Available?

Yes at your Searcy eye doctor at Searcy Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center we provide optometric vision therapy. This is beneficial for patients with focusing problems, movement disorders, and visual processing disorders. For example, if you have lazy eye or need visual rehab after a stroke, we can provide this therapy for you. Our vision therapy is also useful for improving sports vision.

Your Searcy Optometry Provider

If you are ready to take control of your vision and eye care we want to help as your Searcy optometry provider. Dr. Patricia Flippin-Bell and Dr. Alexandra Meredith provide professional care and personal attention. Contact Searcy Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center today at (501) 268-3577 to schedule your eye doctor appointment.

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