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Family Eye Care Services at Our Searcy Optometry Clinic

little girl using a tonometer at her favorite optometry office, Searcy Eye Care  & Vision Therapy Center

If you need an all-in-one provider for family eye care services, look no further than Searcy Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center. Our Searcy optometry clinic offers a number of important services and techniques to help you maintain optimal eyesight. These services include:

Comprehensive Eye Exams & Vision Testing

Your Searcy eye doctor (Dr. Patricia Flippin Bell or Dr. Alexandra Reid Meredith or Dr. Ryan P Anderson) examines the retinas, optic nerves, corneas and other eye structures, using tonometry to measure intraocular pressure for signs of glaucoma. Eye function and vision testing are other essential parts of your comprehensive eye exams.

Contact Lens Exams

Your optometrist in Searcy can also administer a contact lens exam if you're interested in this form of correction. Contact lens exams include detailed measurements of the eye, ocular health evaluations and discussions of your lifestyle and intended lens wear schedule.

Eye Disease Treatment

Your Searcy eye doctor can treat glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and other chronic eye diseases. If you're suffering from a more acute issue such as conjunctivitis or other infectious diseases, we can treat that condition as well.

Vision Therapy

Amblyopia ("lazy eye"), strabismus (eye misalignment), convergence insufficiency, focus problems and visual processing problems may occur for a wide variety of reasons, from eye muscle issues to neurological damage. We can prescribe a course of vision therapy to help you re-establish optimal function and communication between the eyes and the brain.

Dry Eye and Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

Dry eye can be caused by everything from underlying health problems to excessive staring at computer screens. The latter can also cause an irritation condition called computer vision syndrome. We can diagnose the cause of your discomfort and prescribe soothing treatments and lifestyle adjustments to help.

Foreign Body Removal

If you've got something in your eye, don't try to remove it yourself -- come to us! Your Searcy optometrist can perform quick, safe foreign body removal to relieve discomfort and prevent eye damage.

Pre and Post-Operative LASIK Care

LASIK surgery is an exciting alternative to glasses and contacts for many patients. Our Searcy optometry clinic can help by providing pre and post-operative LASIK care. We can prepare you for your surgery, refer you to a skilled eye surgeon, and then track your recover through follow-up examinations.

Glasses and Frames

We're your source for elegant designer frames and top-quality eyeglasses and UV-blocking sunglasses. Choose from a wide range of frame styles to suit your face.

Contact Lenses

Your Searcy optometrist can help you select the perfect contact lenses for your needs. We offer toric lenses for astigmatism, multifocal lenses for presbyopia and many other specialized options.

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Whatever form of primary eye care you may need, we're ready to help. Call (501) 268-3577 to schedule a consultation with your optometrist in Searcy today!