Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy ( VT or Orthoptics)

Optometric vision therapy is an individual treatment program designed to
improve visual function and performance. It is an approved treatment modality for disorders including, but not limited to:

 ● Ocular motility dysfunction/eye movement disorders
● Convergence dysfunction/inefficiency in using both eyes together
● Amblyopia/lazy eye
● Accommodative disorders/focusing problems
● Visual information processing disorders
● Visual sensory and motor integration
● Visual rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury or stroke
(All of which result in inefficient visual information processing)

Optometric vision therapy, also referred to as visual training, neuromuscular re-education or orthoptics, is an established, medically necessary therapy when prescribed by an optometrist. Optometric vision therapy can improve visual function much like physical therapy can improve general motor function. Clinical tests with associated normative values are administered by an optometrist to determine the presence of visual deficiencies. If optometric vision therapy is indicated, the optometrist recommends a specific treatment plan.

The benefits of optometric vision therapy which include visual information processing, and the ability to sustain visual function over time, are as applicable to the child in the classroom as they are to the adult using a computer or reading a book. Without efficient visual skills the act of reading can be frustrating. Some of the common symptoms relieved through vision therapy include eye strain, visually induced headaches, inability to concentrate when doing visual tasks, and errors such as loss of place or reversals. More often, individuals have no recognized symptoms due to their avoidance of visually demanding tasks or an adaptation that decreases their performance. Optometric vision therapy also facilitates appropriate visual development, and serves as a component of the multi-disciplinary effort following stroke or head injury.

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