Dry Eye Care

Dry Eye Care at Our Searcy Optometry Clinic

woman putting in eye drop due to her dry eyes which she received dry eye care and the eyedrops from Searcy Eye Care & Vision Therapy Center

If your eyes always seem to be red, tired and irritated, you may be suffering from a deceptively harmless-sounding condition called dry eyes. Dry eyes can make everyday life challenging, especially if it affects your vision -- and in the long term it can actually expose your eyes to serious health problems. The good news is that you don't have to live with this annoying problem, thanks to the dry eye diagnosis and treatment methods we provide here at our Searcy optometry clinic, Searcy Eye Care and Vision Therapy Center.

Are You Suffering From Dry Eyes in Searcy?

While a case of dry eyes in Searcy can be the result of simply not making enough tears, it can also stem from the chemical balance of those tears. Normal tears spread out over the eye's surface in a three-layered film of mucous, water and oils. Without enough water, the eyes dehydrate. Without enough mucous, the water won't adhere to the eyes. Without enough oil, the water with evaporate too quickly.

A variety of issues can interfere with your tear film or tear production. These include wind exposure, normal aging, certain immune system diseases, blocked meibomian (oil-producing) glands, and medications that have a drying effect on the body. Even working at your computer for too long without a break can cause dry eye, since eyes blink less frequently when they're staring at computer screens. But whatever the cause may be, the effects are clear enough. Untreated dry eye produces redness, itchiness, a gritty sensation in the eye and blurred vision. Unprotected corneas are also vulnerable to foreign bodies, infectious diseases and even possible scarring or ulceration.

Your Searcy Eye Doctor Can Diagnose and Treat Dry Eyes

If you're looking for a Searcy optometrist to help you cope with dry eyes, you'll find the answers you seek here at our eye care center. Either Searcy eye doctor at our clinic, Dr. Patricia Flippin Bell or Dr. Alexandra Meredith or Dr. Ryan P. Anderson, can get to the bottom of your dry eye causes and recommend the proper remedies. Your Searcy optometrist can study your medical history, medication list, lifestyle, work habits and everyday environment to pinpoint possible dry eye triggers. Analysis of your tear film will show whether you're producing enough tears, with the correct balance of ingredients. Depending on our findings, may then recommend:

  • Artificial tears or gel-based eye drops
  • Avoiding external drying agents such as ceiling fans
  • Changes in medical treatment
  • Taking periodic breaks from your computer to encourage blinking
  • Treatment to remove blockages from your meibomian glands

Call Your Optometrist in Searcy Today!

Now that you see how serious a case of dry eye in Searcy can be, take the first step toward ridding yourself of this irritating threat to your ocular health. Call 501-268-3577 today to schedule an evaluation from your trusted optometrist in Searcy. We can solve your dry eye dilemma!